4th of June 1989 - Party after a communal work day at the Spreeaue in Frauendorf during the world environment day

(picture: M. Kuehne)

1.1989 frauendorf DSC02419

1989 - Otto Rindt during his presentation at the UGC-environment market in the Lutheran church

(Picture: M. Kuehne)

2.1989 umweltmarkt DSC02405

1989 - at the UGC-environment market in the Lutheran church

(picture: M. Kuehne)

3.1989 umweltmarkt DSC02406

June 1991 - performance of the group Judahej at the first Lacoma Party

(picture: K. Parnitzke)  

4.1991 06 lacoma parnitzke kl

June 1992 - panel discussion at the 2nd Lacoma Party (including Karsten Maspfuhl, Pfarrer Helmut Gröpler, Ulrich Jochimsen, Matthias Platzeck)

5.1992 06 Scan Pic0002 kl 

 June 2002 - Else und Helmuth Kossack from Lacoma at the wood sculptor meeting

(picture: St. Bohl)

6.2002 06 Scan Pic0008j kl

28th of September 2003 - protest hiking across the Lacomaer Teiche (ponds of Lacoma)

(picture: M. Dieke) 

7.2003 09 28 Protestwanderung dieke kl


 1st of May 2007 - Lusatian solar tour through villages which are threatened by coal mining, here at the Njepila-Hof in Rohne

(picture: M. Dieke)

8.2007 05 01 solartour04c kl


August 2007 - Lusatians in front of the shareholder's meeting of Vattenfall Europe AG in Berlin

9.2007 08 09 vattenfall hauptversammlung kl


December 2007 - common stall with the Muggefug e.V. at the Christmas fair in front of the Klosterkirche (convent church)

(picture: R. Schuster)

10.2007 12 08 IMG 1686 kl


2nd of August 2008 - marshland mowing

(picture: R. Schuster)

11.2008 08 02 feuchtwiese atterwasch Kopie


13th of September 2008 - climate demonstration in front of the power plant Jänschwalde, mainly organised by the UGC

(Umweltgruppe Cottbus)

(picture: St. Bohl)

12.2008 09 klimademo kl


December 2008 - climate penguin in front of the Christmas fair in Cottbus

(picture: R. Schuster)

13.2008 12 klimapingiun kl


May 2009 - bike tour to Ogrosen

(picture: R. Schuster)

2009 05 a radtour kl


16th of August 2010 - The Princess of Sweden gets a tree in the garden of the priest in Atterwasch as wedding gift

(picture: Chr. Huschga)

2010 06 18 prinzessinnenbaum atterwasch kl


 3rd of October 2010 - inauguration of the solar panel at the fire station in Kerkwitz which was financially supported by people throughout Germany

(picture: Chr. Huschga)

2010 10 03 solarfeuerwehr kl


April 2011 - Protest in front of a meeting of the coal mining committee about the mining site Welzow-Süd II

2011 04 bka kl


January 2012 - The Kantorki are singing at a resistance event in Rohne

(picture: R. Schuster)

 2011 11 04 IMG 0620 kl


11th of May 2013 - bike tour to the source of the precipitation of iron pollution in the Spree River

(picture: R. Schuster)

2013 05 11 neustadt 001 kl



 1st of June 2013 - brown water of the Spree at the environment festival in Berlin

(picture: R. Schuster)

2013 06 01 umweltfestival 015 kl


16th of September 2013 - handing over of the public objections to the coal mining site Welzow-Süd II


2013 09 16 Cottbus 9973 pichlmann


January 2014 - A presentation by the expert advisory council to the government on environmental questions at the university in Cottbus, organised by the Umweltgruppe in cooperation with „Umweltinfokraftwerk“

(picture: M. Köhrer)

2014 01 14 DSC 0719 martin koehrer klein


16th of May 2015 - communal work day at the memorial in Lacoma

(picture: R. Schuster)

2015 05 16 IMG 3582 kl


8th of September 2016 - conference in Peitz about the future after the power plant Jänschwalde, organised in cooperation with the Evangelischen Kirchenkreis Cottbus and the Liechtenstein Institut für strategische Entwicklung

(picture: R. Schuster) 

2016 09 08 MG 5803


September 2016 - exhibition „Lausitz im Wandel“ at the Blechen-Carré (shopping mall) in Cottbus

(picture: R. Schuster)

2016 09 14 IMG 4637 kl


25th of September 2016 - Lusatian apple tree gets planted in Kuckum (Nordrhein-Westfalen) which is threatened by resettlement


2016 09 25 erkelenz 6679


8th of October 2017 - red line in front of a forest property which is threatened of expropriation and destruction by coal mining in Taubendorf


2017 10 08 Wald Taubendorf kl


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